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  • "Was ok"


  • "The Academy classes teach students how hardware and installations should work. When in the shop, or out in the field trying to solve problems, this understanding of how things should work enables problems to be recognised and corrected."

    Peter Jones, TAOL member #1589, TCPL

  • "I was very impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism of the Academy instructors. The hands on experience and real world knowledge that was taught in class was something you can't get from online courses. I did have a previous knowledge of a lot of the course content from the military but still found myself learning new things on every course. Every instructor I had was an experienced locksmith and took the time to give one on one training when I had any problems completing a task. Being military the office staff was understanding about having to cancel courses due to work and always tried their best to accommodate me. I can honestly say this course was well worth the 5 hour drive from Petawawa."

  • "In the Fall of 2013, after multiple years of doing the same job, I was ready for a career move. Job openings of interest to me, more specifically for institutional locksmiths were posted but I lacked at the time both the knowledge and the education to apply on those jobs. After researching various educational options, the Academy of Locksmithing became the path that would lead me to that career change. I chose the Academy because most of its courses were scheduled on weekends, which made it perfectly convenient for a second career preparation. I did not have the luxury to quit my job and study full-time, consequently the weekend approach to the schedule was a perfect fit. The instructors at the school and the administration staff was exceptional and always more than helpful. The training aids, handouts and material was of high quality and the environment was very conductive to learning. The classes were of the right size (excellent instructors to student's ratio) and had just the right balance between theoretical learning and hands-on practicing. Communication with the Academy for all the administrative issues was easy and the staff was outstanding. I completed all of the courses in the Locksmithing Program over a two year period and graduated in the Fall of 2015. My locksmithing program diploma from the academy placed me in an excellent position to get the job that I have wanted in the industry. I truly feel that my two years at the Academy have given me the necessary knowledge and preparation for locksmithing work. Thank you to all the staff at the Academy!"


  • "I live in Halliburton, Ontario and I enrolled in the Academy of Locksmithing in July 2013. I, at 57 years of age I was expecting that going back to school would be quite a challenge. I quickly learned that working with different types of locks was an enjoyment and the Academy staff were eager to make that happen. I now have a locksmithing business set up in Haliburton by the name of AH Locksmithing and tell all my clients that I wish that I had done this 30 years ago."

    Kevin DesRoches

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