June 26, 2021 799

Basic Safe Servicing

  • June 26 & 27
  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • 9 Seats Available
Program Price: $799

Proof of Clean Criminal Record Check is Required.

Proof of Post Secondary or Equivalent Education Required.

This class is an introduction to dial locks. Subject matter will demonstrate the operation of the most popular dial locks used in the security industry. Practical exercises include combination changes, disassembly/assembly and installation procedures. Technical specifications and engineering design features are emphasized throughout the training period. Electronic locks are also discussed.

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Required Tools

  • Pinning Tweezers
  • Small vise grips
  • Small slot screwdriver
  • Side cutter
  • Safety glasses
  • Philips #3 screwdriver
  • Philips #2 screwdriver
  • Medium slot screwdriver